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Portfolio Samples
  • An Excellent Example of a Water Feature Project
  • A large aggressive design
  • A few classical front porch designs
  • Another classical front approach
  • Creative Shrub & Tree Choices
  • An Agressivly Designed Approach
  • Small Space & Ornamental Trees
  • Some of our favorite plants
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Here we showcase a few classical front approach designs. The greenery simplifies the home, where as the walkway creates a graceful entrance. Most importantly, the design as a whole compliments the home allowing for an inviting entrance.

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Another classically designed approach showcases the fall colors against the home. The brick paver walkway and landscape lighting complete the design.

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Here we showcase a few of our favorite plants. The variety of colors and textures lend themselves well to their surroundings. It is very important to develop a color scheme that will grab your attention, yet still have a sense of belonging.

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A simple design using an ornamental tree accents a smaller space, while the surrounding plants, decorative stone and ground cover compliment on another.

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Creative Outdoor Designs creates fascinating and elegant landscapes for residential and commercial properties alike. We can work with you and help you visualize your dream landscape. Throughout the design process we can incorporate your ideas with ours, and recommend nursery stock and hard goods that will best compliment your home or business.

A unique design requires careful thought as to what type of materials should be utilized when installing trees, shrubs, flowers, natural stone or manufactured retaining walls, patios and driveways.

Once a design has been completed and a project scheduled, it is very important to implement the plan in a timely and efficient manor.

Creative Outdoor Designs brings over 45 years of combined experience to the landscape industry. With this experience, we carefully combine sound construction techniques that will create the curb appeal that you desire, without sacrificing the functionality of your newly installed landscape or hardscape. Your creative Outdoor Designs project will provide added value to your property, along with many years of enjoyment.

Take some time to browse through the images at left and learn about some of our previously installed projects, how we created them, and what makes our work superior to other contractors.

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